Yikes! It might be Lice!

It is safe to assume there is always a case of head lice in the community, in fact it is a very common community issue.  While generally a minor and temporary annoyance to the child and family, head lice are rarely a medical problem, and they do not pose a public health risk.

An infestation of head lice is not caused by poor hygiene or parental neglect.  In fact, they often infest people with good hygiene and grooming habits.  Lice cannot jump from person to person and they do not fly.  They are most readily transmitted by direct head-to-head contact and schools, surprisingly, are not the most common source of their spread.  When children come in close contact with one another, especially during play time and sleepovers, it is easy to pass head lice along. 

It is strongly recommended to check your child’s head and scalp on a regular basis for lice.  If found, please call your child’s primary care physician for recommendations on the most up to date treatment options.  They can prescribe over-the-counter treatments at lower costs in addition to other products.  Resistance to some over-the-counter treatments have been reported, but the prevalence in unknown.  Some parents have shared using the product Natroba, a prescription from their doctor, was helpful as well as the product Fairy Tales for repelling lice. 

If you are experiencing a case of lice in your household and are interested in helping minimize the spread and re-infestation PLEASE SHARE THE NEWS WITH YOUR PEERS!  Understandably so, it’s not the most pleasant thing to experience or talk about, however, it’s a harmless nuisance and it’s just a part of life.  It is important for all to continue educating each other and dispel the myths and stigmas about head lice. 

Please contact, Autumn Miller, school nurse, or your PCP with additional questions or concerns. 

Please read the following attachments, from Headfirst Lice Lessons, for more detail on the management of head lice:

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