The Watershed Project

Our St George students in 6th grade are undertaking a study of the watershed of the Marsh. We wanted to let you know that you will see us out and about as we make the watershed our outdoor classroom this spring.

As you may know, last spring our 8th grade students studied water flows from the Marsh and documented the return of alewives to the Marsh, the first fish observed in over 30 years. Our goals this spring are to learn about the ecology of the land and water components of the watershed, and collect data and observations that will help us describe the significance of this resource to alewives and also to our human community. To share what we learn, we’ll be working with a GIS educator and creating a public map of significant features of the watershed.

Please stop and talk to us if you see us nearby. If you have personal knowledge of how the Marsh and/or its surrounding lands have changed over the years, we would love to learn more about these changes. We are also interested in the wildlife around the Marsh, the town water system, and recreational uses of the Marsh.

If you would like to volunteer to work alongside of us, we invite you!

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Alison England
Middle Level Science
St George School

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