Stranger Danger

Dear Families,

I want to alert everyone of a second incident this week in which a person in a white van tried to entice a child to get into a vehicle.  The most recent incident took place this morning (Wednesday, 9/20) in Thomaston near the F & A Market when a middle school student was riding his bicycle to school and a van stopped and an older man asked the student to get in the vehicle.  An earlier incident took place on Monday (9/18) at about 3 p.m. when a white van with three men stopped and asked a young girl walking home on Ash Point Drive in Owls Head to get in the vehicle. The child ran into the woods and then to her home where her parents reported the incident to police.  Please see this article in the Village Soup for more information.
Please talk with your children about what to do when approached by a stranger.  Law enforcement recommends you tell children,
Be alert to your surroundings and people approaching you when you’re alone, and scream, yell, make some commotion if at any time you feel threatened by a stranger’s approach. Draw attention to yourself the best you can, and get to an adult that you trust and report what you observed immediately to the police.”

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