Shared Leadership Model

St. George School is considering moving toward a shared leadership model.  In this model, teachers work together in professional teams.  These professional teams play key roles in helping shape, direct, and manage the school.

Instead of a principal, this shared leadership model would have a K-8 Instructional Coordinator who helps support, guide, and coordinate teacher teams; focuses on teaching, learning, and curriculum; provides disciplinary support; and helps facilitate parent and community engagement with the school.  Along with the K-8 Instructional Coordinator, there is also a Superintendent/ Special Education Director who is responsible for supporting the School Board, policy development and review, budget and finance, facilities, personnel, and special education.  The Superintendent/ Special Education Director will also assist with disciplinary issues and facilitating community engagement.

This model empowers teachers, maintains administrative support and oversight in the school building, and focuses resources on the staff who work most closely with our students.

Below, please find documents showing how the school’s organizational structure could change, what individual and team roles and responsibilities would be, and methods for measuring success.

The School Board will vote on whether to adopt this structure on Monday, February 22 at 6 p.m.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (  I’m happy to talk and meet with people over February vacation.


Mike Felton

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