Scholarships Available

The Marshall Point Lighthouse and Museum Committee is pleased to announce the availability of three Scholarship awards for the year, 2016. Two scholarships are four year awards for students, who are residents of St. George, and who are graduating from a public or private high school in May, 2016. Each award is given for each of four years upon reapplication. The award totals are $1000.00 for the first year of post high school education and $500.00 for the next three years.

A single scholarship award of $1500.00 is also available to a student, graduating with the class of 2016, and who is pursuing a vocational course of study or is attending a two year community college program. Again, there is a $1000.00 award for the first year and $500.00 award for the second year.

Paper applications should be returned to Linda H. Small, PO Box 227, Port Clyde, ME 04855. DO NOT SEND THE COMPLETED APPLICATION TO THE MARSHALL POINT LIGHTHOUSE. Copies of the application are available on the Marshall Point Lighthouse web site and can be downloaded there. Paper applications are also available at the Jackson Memorial Library and at the public high schools Guidance Offices. Students must be residents of St. George.

Go to the Marshall Point Lighthouse website to download an application.