Sad news

Dear Parents and Families,

Last night, Zachary Elwell died in a car accident on Route 131. This loss breaks our hearts as a school and community. The word community is derived from the Latin word “communis,” meaning “shared by all.” Today, we all share a heart that has been broken. We also all share in the responsibility to care for one another. Our hearts go out to Randy, Doris, Andrew, and their family. Our hearts are broken, but we share a grief that reminds us that we are not alone.

This morning, I spoke to each grade level. I was joined by students’ classroom teacher as well as Christine Miller (Instructional Coordinator), Stephanie Simmons (Long-Term Guidance Counselor Substitute and Licensed Social Worker), Autumn Miller (School Nurse), and Laura Mewa (the Guidance Counselor at Medomak Middle School who is with us today to help support students). I told each class that Randy’s son, Zachary, died in a car accident on Route 131 last night. I said that Randy and his family are surrounded by friends and family who care for them. I said that we are a community, we take care of one another, and we will do everything we can to support Randy and his family. I also said that we will take care of all of them – the students – and that teachers and staff are here today if they want to talk. I shared that we had counselors from other schools who would be available to talk with them as well.

If there is anything we as a school can do to support your child, please contact me (, Christine Miller (, Stephanie Simmons (, or a teacher.

Mike Felton
St. George Municipal School Unit

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