Public Review of the St. George School Budget Set

2015-16 Budget Proposal  (after the public town meeting, the committee will hold their regularly scheduled committee meeting-Agenda and minutes available below)


The St. George School has the potential to be a great school. And now that the new St. George Municipal School Unit is free to develop its own vision and programs, we intend to make it into an exceptional community school, building on the strengths of our students, staff and community.

The St. George Municipal School Committee is proposing a 2015-16 Budget that will implement three primary goals:

  • To add back services that have been cut over the past 5 years. The cuts have been many including classroom teachers, music, art, library services, and guidance services, expeditionary learning to name a few.
  •  To build upon the curriculum that was in place 5 years ago plus adding strong visionary leadership at the top to help guide the development of a truly great St. George Community School.
  •  To do all of the above at the same cost to the taxpayers as the current year assessments being paid to RSU 13.

The following budget implements the three primary proposed goals.

By State Statute the Budget must be presented at an open Town Meeting that is set for 6:30 PM May 27, 2015 at the Town Office. The Statute calls for a specific warrant article format. And, each Warrant Article will be voted on at the meeting. The results of that meeting will then go to the voters on June 9, 2015 for a “Yes” you approve the action of the meeting or “No” you do not approve the action. What follows is a brief description of each article and the major components of the article.

Article 1: Regular Instruction ($2,428,775) – This Article includes teachers, ed techs, contracted professional services, classroom supplies, books & equipment, field trips and tuition payments.

Within this Article is proposed funding for an additional K-2 teacher, an additional 3-5 teacher and an additional 6-8 teacher with a specialty in Math. There is a proposed 33% increase in Physical Education and Health Education to make the position full time, a 67% increase in art to make the position full time, a 50% increase in instrumental music to make the positon 3 days a week and a 20% increase in World Languages plus the addition of a Foreign Teaching Assistant to be part of the World Language Program. The Article has funding to re-instate, fully, the Expeditionary Learning Program along with a continued commitment to the Herring Gut Program. The Article also includes the cost of tuition for 16 elementary students to various programs and 82 high school students.

Article 2: Special Education ($618,561) – This Article includes teachers, ed techs, speech services, tuition, a program administrator, and Gifted and Talented program.

Within the Article is proposed funding to increase speech services by 25% to full time, tuition cost for students in specialized programs housed outside of the school. A partial assignment of the Superintendent’s salary (who will administer the program) and the addition of a part time (40%) Gifted and Talented Program.

Article 3: Career and Technical Education ($164,010) – This Articled contains the St. George share of the cost of the Mid Coast School of Technology (MCST).

All member towns of MCST share in the cost based on the number of 10 -12 grade students that are residents of the community.

Article 4: Other Instruction ($53,022) – This Article includes student activities and sports.

Within the Article is proposed funding for after school activities that include a Fine Arts Festival, Science Club, after school mentoring to name a few. It also restores the St. George sports programs including a stipend for an Athletic Director.

Article 5: Student and Staff Support ($308,576) – This Article includes Guidance, Library, Technology, Teacher training, Student assessments Health and 504 Services.

Within the Article is a proposed increase in guidance services by 25% to make the position full time. A restructuring of the Library to have a full time person in the library every day. Creating a full time Technology Manager. This person would be responsible for the set-up and maintenance of all technology and for working with staff on how to best integrate technology into their lesson plans. The budget also supports upgrading a mobile computer cart. There are funds for teacher course work and teacher work beyond contract. There is funding to continue to required student assessments. The Nurse position is being proposed to increase by 50% to full time. The Article also supports 504 services which are physical accommodations that may be needed for student.

Article 6: System Administration ($354,916) – This Article includes the School Committee, Superintendent’s Office and Business Office.

Within the Article are cost that the School Committee are responsible for such as legal services, an audit, liability insurance and a one-time contract administrative cost due to RSU 13 per the Withdrawal Agreement of $68,235.

The Office of Superintendent includes a full time Superintendent/Special Education Administrator and an administrative assist to be shared with Special Ed, Superintendent and Business Office.

The Business Office includes a Business Manager at 80% and a Bookkeeper/Accountant at 75% plus accounting software.

Article 7: School Administration ($162,554) – This Article includes the Principal and Administrative Assistant to the School.

This Article includes increasing the Principal by 43% to full time.

Article 8: Transportation ($302,663) – This Article includes the cost of bus drivers and bus maintenance and replacements.

Within this Article are all cost associated with transporting students including to and from school, field trips and sports.   The budget proposes hiring 4 bus drivers, buying two new school buses and a low mileage used 7 passenger van.

Article 9: Facilities Maintenance ($327,960) – This includes all cost associated with the physical maintenance and operation of the building.

Within this Article are cost for various contracted services such as snow removal, rubbish removal, servicing of heating and ventilation components and general repairs to the building. The Article also includes the cost for property insurances, telephones, electricity, heating oil (note: we locked in earlier this winter at $2.13 per gallon for next year). The proposed Article includes lease/purchase of a medium sized tractor to be used for mowing and general summer and winter yard work. This Article also includes the cost for the building custodians.

Article 10: Debt Service ($166,631) – This includes all outstanding debt.

Within this Article is the debt payment for outstanding debt on the St. George School and also St. George’s share of outstanding RSU 13 debt (The St. George portion is $117,153).

Article 11: All Other Expenditures ($15,000) –This Article proposes a local contribution to the Food Services program.

The Food Services program is supposed to be a self-supporting program.   Very few school programs in the State are able to be self-supporting. This Article purposes as local contribution to the program of $15,000.

Article 12: Essential Programs and Services: ($2,559,585) – This is the amount (deemed by the State) to be raised as the minimum amount needed to provide for the education of St. George students grades K-12.

This amount also has to be raised in order to receive the State calculated subsidy to St. George of $238,258.

Article 13: Local Debt Service: ($117,153) – This is the amount of Debt that is not funded by the State.

This Article proposes to raise the funds to pay the St. George portion of the RSU 13 debt.

Article 14: Local Funds: ($1,793,445) – This is the amount above the Essential Service and Programs minimum that the School Committee recommending to raise to appropriately fund education in the Town of St. George.

Article 15: Total Budget: ($4,902,667) This Article is the total amount being proposed to be raised for the St. George Municipal School Unit.

This is the amount the taxpayers approve for spending for the School budget.   It does not include any grants or private sources of funds.

Article 16: Expend additional funds: This Article allows the School Committee to authorized use and spending of other funds such as Federal grants and private donations.

Article 17: Contingency: ($100,000)This Article would create a contingency account with the funds being put into a reserve account.

The purpose of this Article is to normalize year-to-year tax assessments due to factors such as increasing high school enrollment. For example, the 11th grade soften the anticipation of tuition increases in the second year of the St. George Municipal School Unit.   The 11th grade class entering 12th this September is very small. The 7th grade class will be entering 9th grade in September 2016 is 12 students larger. That equates to an additional $160,000 in tuition cost.

Click here to download original signed warrant articles.

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May 27th, 2013 School Committee Meeting


Committee Meeting Draft Minutes

Committee Meeting Final Minutes

Budget Meeting Draft Minutes

Budget Meeting Final Minutes

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