Meet the Candidates


Monday, December 1st


Fire Station Meeting Room

The evening will have two parts. The first hour each of the candidates will have the opportunity to speak three times –

– Introduction (2 minutes)

– What is your vision for the new school district?  (3 minutes)

– Wrap up  (2 minutes)

There will then be an informal opportunity over refreshments to speak with the candidates. There will be no questions from the floor.

The Town Charter stipulates that a candidate take out papers for a particular seat.

There is one seat for a 6 month term, two seats for a year and a half term, and two seats for a two and a half year term.

The candidates for each seat are:

Jennifer Garrett                          expires 6/30/15

Rick Bernard Terry Driscoll         expires 6/30/16

Sherm Hoyt Angie Vachon         expires 6/30/16

Margot Kelley                            expires 6/30/17

Bill Reinhardt                             expires 6/30/17

The election is Tuesday, December 2nd. You can view a sample ballet here –…

This forum is sponsored by the Jackson Memorial Library. For questions please call the Library at 372-8961

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