“Building a Connection between Nature and Self”

This year marked the third consecutive year of a LEAPS / JACKSON MEMORIAL LIBRARY / ST. GEORGE SCHOOL’s collaboration. Over the course of four weeks, LEAPS of IMAGINATION’s artists engaged children in art making, literacy, and a bit of environmental science, challenging them to use their imaginations.

The big idea was for students to gain a deeper sense of self while building a relationship with nature and reflecting on ways to care for the Earth.  After exploring the natural surroundings beyond the library,  fourth graders designed motifs from nature to complement their own self-portraits.  In December students presented their work in the library’s Community Room – an exciting morning for families and schoolmates. Then they ventured to the Langlais Sculpture Preserve to see how a local artist worked in his natural surroundings. You can view fourth graders’ artwork, now on display at Camden National Bank in Rockland through the month of January.  Learn more about LEAPS at leapsofimagination.org.

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