Larger Than Life Lobsters!

The 2nd grade class has been doing an expedition on lobsters this year and had a visit today with some very small lobsters. Here is their post-visit report:

Ann and Alex from Herring Gut Learning Center came to our classroom and brought lobsters at different stages of the life cycle. They were very hard to see with just our eyes. Mr. Meinersmann used a ProScope so we could see them better. A ProScope is a microscope that enlarged the lobsters so they filled the Promethean board screen. It was so amazing to see!! We could clearly see the parts of the lobster at each stage and how much they grow and change from one stage to another. Thank you so much Ann, Alex, and Mr. Meinersmann for taking the time to make this incredible experience happen for us. It truly made our expedition come to life!

This video is from the ProScope showing a stage 4 lobster (Superman!) at 50x magnification.

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