Great Concerts Last Week

A special thank you to Mrs. Iltis and Mrs. O’Neal for the outstanding concerts that took place last week.  The K-5 concert featured a large variety of performances – with songs ranging from “The Grinch” to Star Wars; instruments including recorders, kazoos, and percussion;  and movement that involved everything from scarves, to dancing in a circle, to clapping hands.  

The Friday night middle level concert was equally impressive  The gym was packed.  Students shined singing together and performing solos. And the band was remarkable – a lot of students playing many different instruments and sounding great.  As usual, our students sounded more like a high school band than a 6-8 band.  The strength of the choral and band programs were on full display. 

These events showed clearly the time, talent, and care that Mrs. O’Neal and Mrs. Iltis have invested in our students. We are very fortunate to have a band and music program led by two such talented educators.  

The performances were also a reminder of the many ways students can shine and of their many types of intelligences.  While data from standardized tests can provide us with important information about student’s knowledge in some subject areas, those tests will never adequately capture or reflect the knowledge, talents, and character that were on display at last week’s concerts.

So again – thank you Mrs. Iltis and Mrs. O’Neal for all you do!  And thanks to all of the families, community members, and school staff whose support and appreciation for the arts provide students with the time and resources they need to shine on stage (or, in our case, in the gym;).

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