French Intern Housing 2016-2017

The St. George School’s application for a French intern to work at the school this coming year was accepted by the US Government. Our new intern will be Fanny Pouthier. She is a lovely young 22 year old who is excited to be coming to live and work in our community this year. She looks forward to getting to know our American way of life, our school system, and to improving her mastery of our language.

We need three hosts for Fanny, one per trimester. Hosting responsibilities include providing a private bedroom, wifi access, breakfast and dinner food, friendly companionship, inclusion in family activities, and a way for her to get to and from school each day. The school provides school lunch for the intern and a $150/month stipend to the host family to help defray food costs.

Hosting is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the world – without having to leave home! Fanny will become a part of the family, participating in chores as well as activities. Hosts could be families or individuals.

Please reach out to Madam Kit if you are able to provide housing during her stay with us this school year.

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