2017-2018 Budget Development Timeline

St. George MSU has begun the process of developing next year’s budget.  This process formally starts in December and concludes in June with the budget referendum vote.  The support that the St. George community provides the school is central to what makes our community-school so special.  Parents, teachers, school staff, community members and organizations, year-round and seasonal residents all come together to share their time, talents, and resources to make this school great.  

If you have thoughts, ideas, or questions about the budget or budget process, please contact Superintendent Mike Felton (m.felton@stgeorgemsu.org) or Business Manager Scott Vaitones (s.vaitones@stgeorgemsu.org).  And please participate in the budget process by attending board meetings, budget workshops, and the district budget meeting.  

All the best and happy holidays,

Mike Felton

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